Christos Valouxis

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In this paper, a detailed model and an efficient solution methodology for the monthly workshift and rest assignment of hospital nursing personnel is presented. A model that satisfies the rules of a typical hospital environment based both on published research data and on local hospital requirements is designed. A hybrid methodology that utilizes the(More)
Nurse Rostering is a combinatorial problem hard to solve due to its size and complexity. Several real world details that arise in practice make computerized approaches to the problem indispensable. The specifications of the problem that we solve are those defined in the Nurse Rostering Competition INRC2010. In this contribution, we solve the Nurse Rostering(More)
The expression of parallelism in commonly used programming languages is still a large problem when mapping high performance embedded applications to multiprocessor system on chip devices. The Architecture oriented paraLlelization for high performance embedded Multicore systems using scilAb (ALMA) European project aims to bridge these hurdles through the(More)
—As processors and systems-on-chip increasingly become multicore, parallel programming remains a difficult, time-consuming and complicated task. End users who are not parallel programming experts have a need to exploit such processors and architectures, using state of the art fourth generation of high programming languages, like Scilab or MATLAB. The ALMA(More)
—While advances in processor architecture increase parallelism at every context a processor is used, parallel software creation is hard. There is an increasing need for tools and methodologies to narrow the entry gap for non-experts in parallel software development as well as to streamline the work for experts. This paper presents the methodology and(More)
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