Christos Tsakostas

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Despite the recent advantages on multichannel audio coding and playback technologies, 3D audio positioning is frequently required to be performed over legacy stereo loudspeaker setups, due to certain application limitations and restrictions mainly presented in portable and low cost systems. In this work, a 3D audio platform is introduced which allows the(More)
In this work, a professional audio mastering / mixing software platform is presented which employs stateof-the-art binaural technology algorithms for efficient and accurate sound source positioning. The proposed mixing platform supports high-quality audio (typically 96kHz/24bit) for an arbitrary number of sound sources, while room acoustic analysis and(More)
Having as an objective to support students in collaborating/communicating fruitfully with respect to the underlying collaborative learning setting, we developed ACT, a synchronous communication tool which supports mechanisms for students’ self-regulation as well as for the adaptation and personalization of the communication. The self-regulation mechanism(More)
Multimedia standards, frameworks and models are already well established for generalized presentations. However, the situation is much less advanced for systems, which require the combination of advanced sound-oriented features and capabilities similar to those used to interact with highly demanding visual content. In this respect, current commercial(More)
This paper presents a novel methodology that fully integrates auralization, visualization and navigation techniques for producing interactive virtual spaces and events. This methodology is mainly addressed, but not limited to, to the subjective evaluation of the acoustical analysis and simulation of spaces. In this work, the proposed methodology is(More)
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