Christos Trantakis

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Designing multimodal visualizations combining anatomical and functional brain data is a demanding task. Jainek et al. [1] applied illustrative rendering techniques to obtain a high-quality representation of the location and characteristic of brain activation areas (derived from MRI and fMRI). Here, we present the integration of DTI data into this system.(More)
Intra-operative ultrasound (iUS) can generate 2D images in real-time as well as near real-time 3D datasets of the current situation during an intervention. Tracked ultrasound can locate the images in 3D space and relate them to patient, devices, andpre-operative planning data. Therefore, tracked US is an efficient means for controlling the validity of(More)
We present a full featured surgery simulator for endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) in an interactive grid environment. The basic ventriculostomy simulator introduced previously has been extended with new 3D models and animation methods for raising the simulation realism. It enables full haptic interaction with textured deformable models of a(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this work was the evaluation of a navigated and power controlled milling system for spine surgery (navigated control spine). The navigation is based on a set of intraoperatively taken fluoroscopic images from different angles. A manually planned workspace limits the power of the mill and assures a higher automatisation degree than any(More)