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A stochastic programming approach for clinical trial planning in new drug development
The paper presents a multi-stage stochastic programming formulation for the planning of clinical trials in the pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) pipeline. Scenarios are used to accountExpand
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Scope for industrial applications of production scheduling models and solution methods
Abstract This paper gives a review on existing scheduling methodologies developed for process industries. Above all, the aim of the paper is to focus on the industrial aspects of scheduling andExpand
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Integration of production planning and scheduling: Overview, challenges and opportunities
We review the integration of medium-term production planning and short-term scheduling. We begin with an overview of supply chain management and the associated planning problems. Next, we formallyExpand
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Nonenzymatic Sugar Production from Biomass Using Biomass-Derived γ-Valerolactone
Renewable Breakdown Routine In order to transform cellulose-containing biomass into liquid fuels such as ethanol, it is first necessary to break down the cellulose into its constituent sugars.Expand
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General framework and modeling approach classification for chemical production scheduling
Despite the increased number of publications in the area during the last two decades, there is no unified notation and systematic framework for chemical production scheduling. In this article, weExpand
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Large-Scale Bi-Level Strain Design Approaches and Mixed-Integer Programming Solution Techniques
The use of computational models in metabolic engineering has been increasing as more genome-scale metabolic models and computational approaches become available. Various computational approaches haveExpand
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A hybrid MILP/CP decomposition approach for the continuous time scheduling of multipurpose batch plants
A hybrid Mixed-Integer Linear Programming (MILP)/Constraint Programming (CP) decomposition algorithm is proposed for the short-term scheduling of batch plants that rely on the State Task NetworkExpand
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Production of renewable jet fuel range alkanes and commodity chemicals from integrated catalytic processing of biomass
This article presents results from experimental studies and techno-economic analysis of a catalytic process for the conversion of whole biomass into drop-in aviation fuels with maximal carbon yields.Expand
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A general framework for the assessment of solar fuel technologies
The conversion of carbon dioxide and water into fuels in a solar refinery presents a potential solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, while providing a sustainable source of fuels andExpand
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New General Continuous-Time State−Task Network Formulation for Short-Term Scheduling of Multipurpose Batch Plants
A new continuous-time MILP model for the short-term scheduling of multipurpose batch plants is presented. The proposed model relies on the state−task network (STN) approach and addresses the generalExpand
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