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In this report, a number of Dynamic Programming algorithms for three versions of the Aircraft Sequencing problem are developed. In these, two alternative objectives are considered: How to land all of a prescribed set of airplanes as soon as possible, or alternatively, how t6minimize the total passenger waiting time. All these three versions are "static",(More)
Even the most seasoned students of evolution, starting with Darwin himself, have occasionally expressed amazement that the mechanism of natural selection has produced the whole of Life as we see it around us. There is a computational way to articulate the same amazement: "What algorithm could possibly achieve all this in a mere three and a half billion(More)
The question of what role sex plays in evolution is still open despite decades of research. It has often been assumed that sex should facilitate the increase in fitness. Hence, the fact that it may break down highly favorable genetic combinations has been seen as a problem. Here, we consider an alternative approach. We define a measure that represents the(More)
At the conclusion of this course the students will be able to:  Identify the correct strategy (algorithm) for solving various problems, in particular typical problems likely to occur during software development.  Write algorithms in pseudocode.  Analyze algorithms for running time and required space.  Know what algorithms are feasible and or scalable(More)
The assumption that different genetic elements can make separate contributions to the same quantitative trait was originally made in order to reconcile biometry and Mendelism and ever since has been used in population genetics, specifically for the trait of fitness. Here we show that sex is responsible for the existence of separate genetic effects on(More)
The dissertation of Stephen Bloch is approved, and it is acceptable in quality and form for publication on micro-lm: 1992 iii TABLE OF CONTENTS Signature Page iii Table of Contents iv List of Figure vi Acknowledgments vii Vita, Publications, and Fields of Study viii Abstract ix 1 Introduction 1 1. Computational Complexity