Christos Nikitas

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Somatosensory tinnitus is a generally agreed subtype of tinnitus that is associated with activation of the somatosensory, somatomotor, and visual-motor systems. A key characteristic of somatosensory tinnitus is that is modulated by physical contact or movement. Although it seems common, its pathophysiology, assessment and treatment are not well defined. We(More)
In this work we present the methodology for the development of the EMBalance diagnostic Decision Support System (DSS) for balance disorders. Medical data from patients with balance disorders have been analysed using data mining techniques for the development of the diagnostic DSS. The proposed methodology uses various data, ranging from demographic(More)
In this work we present a framework for the analysis and mining of multiparametric data related to balance disorders. The overall concept is to define the schema of the analysis that provides optimal results for diagnostic decision support in balance disorders. The work is part of the integrated EMBalance platform which targets the management of patients(More)
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