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Toward a Theory of Public Entrepreneurship
This paper explores innovation, experimentation, and creativity in the public domain and in the public interest. Researchers in various disciplines have studied public entrepreneurship, but there isExpand
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The Co-Evolution of Organizational Value Capture, Value Creation and Sustainable Advantage
Despite much progress, scholarship on organizations and strategic management remains unduly reliant on economic models such as the industrial organization (IO) market structure-based analysis. TheExpand
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Perspective - The Interdependence of Private and Public Interests
The predominant focus in research on organizations is on private or public institutions without consistent consideration of their interdependencies. Expand
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A Behavioral Resource-Based View of the Firm: The Synergy of Cyert and March (1963) and Penrose (1959)
We try to integrate important ideas from both books, paying particular attention to the issue of “excess resources,” slack, and (intrafirm) conflict. Expand
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Who Needs CSR? The Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on National Competitiveness
The link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and competitiveness has been examined mainly at the business level. The purpose of this paper is to improve conceptual understanding and provideExpand
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Cross-border Market Co-creation, Dynamic Capabilities and the Entrepreneurial Theory of the Multinational Enterprise
The concepts of asset co-specialization and dynamic capabilities have been instrumental in furthering the organization and strategy scholarship agenda, but have so far had limited impact to theExpand
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Institutionalist analysis is increasingly used as a key research tool for economists confronted with the shortcomings of mainstream economic analysis and the problems presented by the transformationExpand
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Clusters, entrepreneurial ecosystem co-creation, and appropriability: A conceptual framework
Extant literature on clusters underplays the role of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial management in creating and co-creating organizations, markets, and supporting ecosystems. We employ transactionExpand
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The Nature of the Transnational Firm
1. The (Theory of the) Transnational Firm: the 1990s and Beyond Christos Pitelis and Roger Sugden 2. A Survey of Theories of International Production John Cantwell 3. A Critical Re-evaluation ofExpand
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