Christos N. Sarantopoulos

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The number of individuals with gluten intolerance has increased dramatically over the last years. To date, the only therapy for gluten intolerance is the complete avoidance of dietary gluten. To sustain a strictly gluten-free diet, however, is very challenging. Therefore, there is need for a non-dietary therapy. Any such treatment must appreciate that the(More)
Adipogenesis is a complex process whereby the multipotent adipose-derived stem cell is converted to a preadipocyte before terminal differentiation into the mature adipocyte. Preadipocytes are present throughout adult life, exhibit adipose fat depot specificity, and differentiate and proliferate from distinct progenitor cells. The mechanisms that promote(More)
Due to the high diffusivity of the chemical species, chemical vapor infiltration (CVI) is a suitable process for the conformal coverage of objects with large dimensions and complex shape geometry. Its large scale capacity and high reproducibility have made the technique favorable for the deposition of non-oxide ceramics. There are few works on other(More)
BACKGROUND Optimization of fat grafting continues to gain increasing attention in the field of regenerative medicine. "Nanofat grafting" implements mechanical emulsification and injection of standard lipoaspirate for the correction of superficial rhytides and skin discoloration; however, little is known about the cellular constituents of the graft. Based on(More)
were analyzed for percentages of African-Americans, Hispanics, and Asians in U.S. surgical residency programs (1995 – 2014). Percentages were compared between integrated and independent plastic surgery residents (2008 – 2014) and the composite was compared with other surgical disciplines. Percentages of minority groups were compared between plastic surgery(More)
This study aims at evaluating the biocompatibility of titanium surfaces modified according two different ways: (i) deposition of a bio-inert, thin film of rutile TiO(2) by chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD), and (ii) biochemical treatment with collagen gel, in order to obtain a bio-interactive coating. Behind the comparison is the idea that either the(More)
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