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Keywords: Intelligent tutoring systems Interactive learning environments Pedagogical issues Architectures for educational technology system a b s t r a c t Building computerized mechanisms that will accurately, immediately and continually recognize a lear-ner's affective state and activate an appropriate response based on integrated pedagogical models is(More)
Researchers in the Information Systems (IS) field have put considerable effort on identifying how personality affects technology acceptance. This study is a further step towards this direction within the context of Computer Based Assessment (CBA). Particularly, it investigates how the five personality factors affect the most important variables regarding(More)
Emotions are very important during learning and assessment procedures. However, measuring emotions is a very demanding task. Several tools have been developed and used for this purpose. In this paper, the efficiency of the FaceReader during a computer-based assessment (CBA) was evaluated. Instant measurements of the FaceReader were compared with the(More)
The aim of this survey is to provide an overview of the various components of " computer aided affective learning systems. " The research is classified into 3 main scientific areas that are integral parts of the development of these kinds of systems. The three main scientific areas are: I) emotions and their connection to learning; ii) affect recognition;(More)
Emotions are very important during learning and self-assessment procedures. Measuring emotions is a very demanding task. Several tools have been developed and used for this purpose. In this paper we evaluate the efficiency of the FaceReader during a self - assessment test. We compared instant measurements of the FaceReader with the researchers' estimations(More)
Empathetic behavior has been suggested to be one effective way for Embodied Conversational Agents (ECAs) to provide feedback to learners' emotions. An issue that has been raised is the effective integration of parallel and reactive empathy. The aim of this study is to examine the impact of ECAs' emotional facial and tone of voice expressions combined with(More)
—Individual emotions play a crucial role during any learning interaction. Identifying a student's emotional state and providing personalized feedback, based on integrated pedagogical models, has been considered to be one of the main limits of traditional tools of e-learning. This paper presents an empirical study that illustrates how learner mood may be(More)
Student's emotional state is crucial during learning. When a student is in a very negative mood, learning is unlikely to occur. On the other hand too positive mood can also impair learning. Thus a key issue for instructional technology is to recognize student's mood, so as to be able to provide appropriate feedback. This paper introduces a model of(More)
The user's acceptance of Computer Based Assessment (CBA) Systems is examined with the help of the Computer Based Assessment Acceptance Model (CBAAM) in the two different cultures of Greece and Mexico. The study was conducted by delivering the same CBA system to students of identical courses in Greece and Mexico. The research data were analyzed using Partial(More)