Christos Mademlis

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In this paper, a control method for a Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) utilizing a Squirrel Cage Induction Generator (SCIG) is presented. Aims of the control are both maximum wind power harvesting and minimization of the SCIG power loss, thus achieving maximum power production on any wind speed. The SCIG is connected to the utility grid through two(More)
This paper studies the performance of a Wind Energy Conversion System (WECS) with an induction generator under various start-up control techniques. The capability of self-excitation of the induction generator using three control techniques is examined. The generator is connected to the power grid by means of a fully controlled frequency converter which(More)
This paper proposes a new method for online estimation of the induction generator parameters by means of adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference systems (ANFIS). The suggested technique can be applied to induction generators that are used in wind energy conversion systems (WECS). The WECS structure comprises a wind turbine, a three-phase induction generator and two(More)
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