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A large number of studies have shown that children and youths with autism can improve their social skills when provided with appropriate and well planned treatment strategies. Here, a video modelingExpand
Effects of video modeling on social initiations by children with autism.
For all children, social initiation and reciprocal play skills were enhanced, and these effects were maintained at 1- and 3-month follow-up periods. Expand
Using Video Modeling to Teach Complex Social Sequences to Children with Autism
Results showed that this video modeling procedure enhanced the social initiation skills of all children and facilitated reciprocal play engagement and imitative responding of a sequence of behaviors, in which social initiation was not included. Expand
Effects of Video Modelling on Training and Generalisation of Social Initiation and Reciprocal Play by Children With Autism
Previous research using children with autism has shown that video modelling can be effective in enhancing a variety of skills. The present study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of a videoExpand
Multidisciplinary Teamwork in Autism: Can One Size Fit All?
Multidisciplinary practice has become an accepted approach in many education and social and health care fields. In fact, the right to a multidisciplinary assessment is enshrined in the United NationsExpand
Generalized Effects of Video Modeling on Establishing Instructional Stimulus Control in Children With Autism
Video modeling has been suggested as a powerful treatment tool that has concentrated on increasing a variety of skills in children with autism. However, it has rarely been examined as a behavioralExpand
A new integrated model of clinical reasoning: Development, description and preliminary assessment in patients with stroke
Data from 186 protocols showed that median percentages of correct responses in clinical reasoning were substantially higher for the experimental group by using the new integrated model. Expand
Use of Video Modeling to Increase Generalization of Social Play by Children with Autism
Abstract The use of video modeling to increase generalization of social play skills in children with autism is discussed. The possible reasons that have made this procedure so favorable amongExpand
The role of the occupational therapist in Jordan: a survey of the members of the healthcare team exploring their knowledge about occupational therapy in rehabilitation hospitals
A fair knowledge level about OT is revealed among the healthcare team members in rehabilitation, who stated that the main responsibilities of this profession were rehabilitation for activities of daily living, hand therapy and increasing the quality of life for disabled people. Expand
Evaluating the impact of video-based versus traditional lectures on student learning
This research presents a novel probabilistic approach to estimating the response of the immune system to laser-spot assisted, 3D image analysis of central nervous system injury. Expand