Christos J. Georgiou

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by the IBM Blue Gene team: F. Allen, G. Almasi, W. Andreoni, D. Beece, B. J. Berne, A. Bright, J. Brunheroto, C. Cascaval, J. Castanos, P. Coteus, P. Crumley, A. Curioni, M. Denneau, W. Donath, M. Eleftheriou, B. Fitch, B. Fleischer, C. J. Georgiou, R. Germain, M. Giampapa, D. Gresh, M. Gupta, R. Haring, H. Ho, P. Hochschild, S. Hummel, T. Jonas, D. Lieber,(More)
In recent years, many organizations have recognized the potential of e-commerce to improve profitability by increasing productivity and market penetration while reducing costs. But the vision of an electronically interconnected world requires the global adoption of e-commerce, not just in industrialized nations, but also in developing ones, where most of(More)
This paper presents a System-on-a-Chip design methodology that uses a microprocessor subsystem as a building block for the development of chips for networking applications. The microprocessor subsystem is a self-contained macro that functions as an accelerator for computation-intensive pieces of the application code, and complements the standard components(More)