Christos Istikoglou

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Epidemiological and clinical studies support the view that aggressive acts like suicidal and violent behaviors share a common substrate. Certain aspects of violence in males have been related to high testosterone levels, but the relation of testosterone to attempted suicide has not been studied until now. We estimated plasma levels of testosterone (T), LH,(More)
Low plasma total testosterone (T) levels may influence the sense of well-being and produce depressive symptomatology, increasing the risk of suicide. In a previous study, we reported reduced serum T levels in male psychiatric patients after a suicide attempt. The reduction was more pronounced in subjects who used violent attempt methods, and we discussed(More)
The St. John's wort has been recently one of the most popular therapeutic means that may be easily found in health food stores in various forms, such as capsules, liquid extracts, oils,ointments and others. The St. John's wort is not, however, a new pharmaceutical aid. The herb has a long and particular background as an antidepressant, anti-septic,(More)
Platelet monoamine oxidase (MAO) activities were assessed in 82 patients, 57 females and 25 males, who were admitted to the medical ward of a general hospital after a suicide attempt. The enzyme activities were compared to the activities of healthy subjects, 35 females and 26 males. In addition, MAO activities were analyzed in relation to sex, psychiatric(More)
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