Christos Goumopoulos

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We give an overview of the parallelization work done in PAROS. The speciic parallelization objective has been to improve the speed of airline crew scheduling, on a network of workstations. The work is based on the Carmen System, which is used by most European airlines for this task. We give a brief background to the problem. The two most time critical parts(More)
The crew planning problem has been successfully solved on a loosely connected network of workstations (NOW) using advanced computational techniques and efficient communication patterns. The parallelization of the successful sequential system of Carmen Systems AB guarantees that the results are immediately useful and applicable to a large number of airlines(More)
In this paper the ability to efficiently solve large crew scheduling problems on a network of workstations (NOW) is presented. Large crew scheduling problems from the Lufthansa set of problems have been solved with a near linear speedup on the generator component of the problem. The generator is the most time consuming component of the solution process,(More)