Christos E. Constantinou

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The incorporation of novel broad band sensory modalities, integrating tactile technology, with visual and auditory signals into the evolution of the next generation of surgical robotic is likely to significantly enhance their utility and safety. In this paper considerations are made of a system, where tactile information together with visual and audio(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop a method to quantify displacement of pelvic structures during contraction of the pelvic floor muscles from transperineal ultrasound images in men and investigate the reliability of the method between days. METHODS Ten healthy male volunteers (aged 28-41 years) attended 2 separate data collection sessions. Ultrasound images were(More)
BACKGROUND Current measurement tools have difficulty identifying the automatic physiologic processes maintaining continence, and many questions still remain about pelvic floor muscle (PFM) function during automatic events. OBJECTIVE To perform a feasibility study to characterise the displacement, velocity, and acceleration of the PFM and the urethra(More)
AIMS The development of a vaginal probe for the evaluation of the dynamics of pelvic floor function is described. Fundamental criteria in the design of this probe involves the incorporation of a means of assessing whether the isotonic forces closing the vagina are equally distributed or whether they are greater in some directions than others. The aim of(More)
In this review the diagnostic potential of evaluating female pelvic floor muscle (PFM) function using magnetic and ultrasound imaging in the context of urodynamic observations is considered in terms of determining the mechanisms of urinary continence. A new approach is used to consider the dynamics of PFM activity by introducing new parameters derived from(More)
Real time ultrasound imaging is one of the many ways to clinically evaluate the anatomical and functional condition of female pelvic floor in patients with urinary incontinence. Reflex arc testing of the displacement of uro-gynecological structures during imaging provides a non-invasive way of visualizing their motility. The response from such tests(More)
AIMS To examine the effects of N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonists on the frequency/volume (F/V) characteristics of micturition of conscious and anesthetized rats in relation to the mechanisms of renal urine output and pyelo-ureteral transport function of the upper urinary tract. METHODS Micturition F/V characteristics of 24 conscious female(More)
Coughing provokes stress urinary incontinence, and voluntary coughs are employed clinically to assess pelvic floor dysfunction. Understanding urethral dynamics during coughing in men is limited, and it is unclear whether voluntary coughs are an appropriate surrogate for spontaneous coughs. We aimed to investigate the dynamics of urethral motion in continent(More)