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Response of pomegranate cv. wonderful plants tο salinity
Three salts (NaCl; KCl; Na2SO4) were supplied to pomegranate cv. Wonderful plants, in order to investigate their effects on growth, nutrient status, chlorophyll, total carbohydrate content and
Induction of Fe(III)-Chelate Reductase Activity by Ethylene and Salicylic Acid in Iron-Deficient Peach Rootstock Explants
Abstract The possible involvement of ethylene in the regulation of the root plasma-membrane Fe(III)-chelate reductase was investigated, using explants from three peach rootstock [GF-677 (Prunus
The effects of a seaweed extract in addition to nitrogen and boron fertilization on productivity, fruit maturation, leaf nutritional status and oil quality of the olive (Olea europaea L.) cultivar
The fertilizer treatments of this experiment and especially the combination of NH4NO3 + borax + SWE should be recommended for the studied olive orchards, in order to increase tree productivity and improve their nutrition status and various olive oil quality parameters.
The effect of Fe-EDDHA and of ascorbic acid on in vitro rooting of the peach rootstock GF-677 explants
The objective of this research was to study the effect of the chelated form of the iron salt of ethylenediamine di-o-hydroxyphenylacetic acid (Fe-EDDHA) (6% Fe) on in vitro rooting of the rootstock
Interactions between leaf macronutrients, micronutrients and soil properties in pistachio (Pistacia vera L.) orchards
Almost all the significant elemental interactions occurring in pistachio leaves or soils were synergistic, contributing considerable quantities of available nutrients and, therefore, improving the nutrient status of Pistachio trees, and the level of soil fertility.
Boron toxicity effects on grafted and non-grafted pepper (Capsicum annuum) plants
Grafting reduced boron concentration in the leaves of the tested scion-cultivars, as well as having an effect on the phenol and flavonoid concentrations and antioxidant capacity of the leaves.