Christos A Bolos

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A series of mixed-ligand neutral nickel(II) complexes of the general formula [Ni(i-MNT)(2a-5mt)(2)] (1), [Ni(i-MNT)(2a-2tzn)(2)] (2) and [Ni(i-MNT)(Im)(2)] (3), [where i-MNT(2-)=the dianion of(More)
A new series of coordination compounds of the starting materials [Cu(dienX(2)Y(2))] and their adducts [Cu(dienXXY(2))(2a-5mt)] (where dien=diethylenetriamine, dienXX=Schiff bases of(More)
A new series of complexes of the type [Cu(dien)(2a-2tzn)Y(2)] and [Cu(dienXX)(2a-2tzn)Y(2)], where dien=diethylenetriamine and dienXX=Schiff dibase of diethylenetriamine formed with 2-furaldehyde(More)
The reaction of [Cu(dien)NO(3)]NO(3) with 2-amino-5-methylthiazole (2A5MT), 2-amino-2-thiazoline (2A-2Tzn), imidazole (im), N,N'-thiocarbonyldiimidazole (Tcdim), 2-aminothiazole (2AT) and(More)
Two novel mononuclear Cu(II) coordination compounds of the type [Cu(dptaS)Cl(2)] and [Cu(dptaS)Br(2)] (dptaS=1,3-propanediamine, N(1)-[3-aminopropyl]-N(3)-[2-thienylmethylidene] or Schiff mono-base(More)
A new series of mixed-ligand mono- or hetero-trihalide Cu(II) complexes of the type [Cu(dienXX)Y(YZ(2))], where dienXX=Schiff dibase of diethylenetriamine with 2-thiophene-carboxaldehyde (dienSS),(More)
A series of new mixed-ligand neutral copper(II) complexes of the general type [Cu(amine)(i-MNT)] and [Cu(tz)(i-MNT)] was prepared and characterized by elemental, spectroscopic methods, mu(eff),(More)
A new series of complexes of the type [Cu(dien)(2a-2tzn)Y2] and [Cu(dienXX)(2a-2tzn)Y2] has been tested for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity. The tested compounds inhibit significantly the(More)
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