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Two successive pulses of ecdysone signal the ends of larval and prepupal development in Drosophila, inducing early and late puffs in the salivary gland polytene chromosomes. Early puff induction in prepupae is dependent on a preceding period of protein synthesis and low ecdysone concentration. We demonstrate here that the competence acquired during this(More)
The acquisition of competence is a key mechanism for refining global signals to distinct spatial and temporal responses. The molecular basis of competence, however, remains poorly understood. Here, we show that the beta FTZ-F1 orphan nuclear receptor functions as a competence factor for stage-specific responses to the steroid hormone ecdysone during(More)
Particularism is a justly popular 'cutting-edge' topic in contemporary ethics across the world. Many moral philosophers do not, in fact, support parti-cularism (instead defending 'generalist' theories that rest on particular abstract moral principles), but nearly all would take it to be a position that continues to offer serious lessons and challenges, and(More)
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