Christopher Wing Hong Ngau

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Object or region based image processing can be performed more efficiently with information pertaining locations that are visually salient to human perception with the aid of a saliency map. The saliency map is a master topological map having the possible locations of objects or regions which a human perceived as important/salient. In this paper, a method to(More)
The human eye is able to locate objects or regions of importance in its field of vision. Many visual saliency models have been proposed to replicate the human visual system(HVS) in detecting salient objects in a visual scene. A colour space transformation from the RGB space is assumed to increase the detection performance, given the reason that the(More)
The implementation of visual saliency in wireless multimedia sensor networks (WMSNs) can be useful for a large application scope. Autonomous detection and tracking based on human gaze behavior as well as efficient bandwidth utilization for sensing devices in WMSNs can be achieved through such a method. In this paper, a review on two major categories of(More)
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