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BACKGROUND Sustained severe hyperthermia in patients with high cervical spinal cord injuries may have many etiologies, from infection to autonomic dysregulation. When uncontrolled, it has been seen to have a high morbidity and mortality. METHODS We present two patients with high cervical spinal cord injury (SCI) who had sustained severe hyperpyrexia, of(More)
Computer Science and technology have been driving scientific innovations, expanding the Information Technology sector and increasing productivity in all economic sectors for the last few decades, thus contributing significantly to the economic output of the U.S. Each sector of this country, ranging from national security to everyday life, is enormously(More)
Classroom response systems are emerging as a novel technology to enhance involvement and learning of a new generation of students. In this paper, we describe our experiment of using such a classroom response technology in an introductory computer science course offered to students of all majors. The results of the experiment provide evidence that the use of(More)
Opened in 1995 as part of the Sunderland City Library, it displays mainly avant-garde art—although Rank (see below) also displayed consecrated avant-garde and rearguard forms. Its location makes it less intimidating to those who would not normally visit art galleries. 1 explored inequality in society. • Semiconductor 2 are Brighton based artists Ruth Jarman(More)
Ropivacaine test dose in extradural anaesthesia Morton and colleagues 1 have described the use of 0.75% ropiva-caine for extradural anaesthesia, and in the process have clearly demonstrated the unsuitability of this agent as a test dose. The aim of an extradural test dose is to identify inadvertent i.v. or intrathecal catheter placement. It should have high(More)
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