Christopher Wegener

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This study was undertaken to reveal the quantitative distribution of the insect neuropeptide periviscerokinin-1 (Pea-PVK-1) in the central nervous system of Periplaneta americana and to demonstrate that neurons stained in a previous immunohistochemical study contain authentic Pea-PVK-1. For this, we combined ELISA, HPLC, and MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry. The(More)
In-vitro-derived platelets (PLTs) could potentially overcome problems associated with donated PLTs, including contamination and alloimmunization. Although several groups have produced functional PLTs from stem cells in vitro, the challenge of developing this technology to yield transfusable PLT units has yet to be addressed. The asynchronous nature of in(More)
The periviscerokinins of Periplaneta americana (Pea-PVKs) were the first neuropeptides directly isolated from perisympathetic organs (PSOs), neurohemal swellings of the transverse and median nerves of insects. It has been demonstrated that Pea-PVK-1 release can be induced from the abdominal PSOs of P. americana by in vitro depolarization. A myotropic effect(More)
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