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Analysis of charge and mass effects on peroxidase expressions and activities in Arabidopsis thaliana after low-energy ion irradiation.
The results showed that ion irradiation increases peroxidase activity, transcription, and translation, which suggests that the charge of an incident ion influences cellular systems more than its mass.
Genome-Wide Linkage Scan Maps ETINPH Gene to Chromosome 19q12–13.31
The importance of uncovering the genetic etiology of this disorder is irrefutable, as such a discovery could offer valuable insights into ET, iNPH, and related neurological conditions.
Detection of Changes in DNA Methylation Induced by Low-Energy Ion Implantation in Arabidopsis thaliana
Changes in DNA methylation in Arabidopsis thaliana plants grown from seeds implanted with low-energy N+ and Ar+ ions are evaluated and a comparison of polymorphisms seen in N+ ion-implanted, Ar+ ion/cm2, and control DNA demonstrated that the species of incident ion influenced the resultingDNA methylation pattern.
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