Christopher W. Surovic

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of next-generation system-on-package (SOP) technology based on silicon carriers with fine-pitch chip interconnection J. U. Knickerbocker P. S. Andry L. P. Buchwalter A. Deutsch R. R. Horton K. A. Jenkins Y. H. Kwark G. McVicker C. S. Patel R. J. Polastre C. Schuster A. Sharma S. M. Sri-Jayantha C. W. Surovic C. K. Tsang B. C. Webb S. L. Wright S. R.(More)
IBM’s High Performance Glass Ceramic (HPGC) LTCC modules are used in a wide range of SiGe, ASIC, microprocessor and advanced server applications in SCM and MCM configurations. Electrical test structures are designed and electrically modeled to provide guidance for producing parts on high volume manufacturing tools. Substrates are characterized at(More)
Long on-chip interconnections with dimensions larger than the minimum ground rules are rigorously analyzed and experimentally characterized for the first time. A test vehicle has been built and characterized with representative wiring found in highperformance CMOS microprocessor chips (line lengths of 0.8-1.6 cm, and line widths of 0.9-4.8 pm using a(More)
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