Christopher W. Smith

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Identifying endophenotypic markers is crucial to schizophrenia research for finding appropriate preventive strategies. Working memory (WM) deficit has been suggested as a marker for schizophrenia but its presence in adolescents at high risk is understudied. We piloted a test of spatial WM function in adolescents at clinical high risk (CHR) for schizophrenia(More)
Multiphoton microscopy is a powerful tool in neuroscience, promising to deliver important data on the spatiotemporal activity within individual neurons as well as in networks of neurons. A major limitation of current technologies is the relatively slow scan rates along the z direction compared to the kHz rates obtainable in the x and y directions. Here, we(More)
  • Remke L Van Dam, J Bruce, J Harrison, Jan M H Hendrickx, Brian Borchers, Ryan E North +4 others
  • 2005
Magnetic soils can seriously hamper the performance of electromagnetic sensors for the detection of buried land mines and unexploded ordnance (UXO). Soils formed on basaltic substrates commonly have large concentrations of ferrimagnetic iron oxide minerals, which are the main cause of soil magnetic behavior. Previous work has shown that viscous remanent(More)
Finite element (FE) modelling is an established technique for investigating spinal biomechanics. Using image data to produce FE models with subject-specific geometry and displacement boundary conditions may help extend their use to the assessment spinal loading in individuals. Lumbar spine magnetic resonance images from nine participants in the supine,(More)
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