Christopher W Sands

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Achieving therapeutic anticoagulation with warfarin is complicated by substantial inter-patient and intra-patient variability with numerous factors known to influence dose requirements. Obesity is one factor for which there remains no study to date investigating its initial effect on warfarin response assessed by INR, stratified by BMI category in(More)
INTRODUCTION Approximately 1 in 5 hospitalized COPD patients are readmitted within 30 days of discharge. CHF coexists in more than 20% of patients with COPD, and is associated with early readmission for COPD. Reducing 30-day hospital readmissions for COPD is of intense current interest. METHODOLOGY A retrospective chart review was performed to identify(More)
OBJECTIVES Numerous factors are well documented to affect the response to vitamin K antagonists (VKA), including dietary vitamin K, other drugs, age, pharmacogenetics, and disease states. Body weight is perhaps not as well known as a variable affecting VKA dose. Our aim was to review the literature regarding body weight and VKA dose requirements. METHODS(More)
Fluoroquinolones are extensively used to treat a variety of common bacterial infections. Due to their extensive use in clinical practice, increases in neuropsychiatric events have been reported. We discuss the case of a young female who developed visual hallucinations after 2 doses of moxifloxacin. After discontinuation of the moxifloxacin, the patient's(More)
OBJECTIVE A review of the evidence was conducted regarding asthma associated with the use of cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. DATA SOURCES A search of the English literature was performed via PubMed/Medline and EMBASE using the search terms asthma AND cocaine, heroin, and marijuana. When pertinent articles were found, salient references in those articles(More)
BACKGROUND It has been >25 years since the interaction between warfarin and metronidazole was last reported in the literature. The current case report represents the first documentation of this interaction associated with intracerebral hemorrhage. CASE SUMMARY We present a case of a 78-year-old white woman started on metronidazole (250 mg every 8 hours(More)