Christopher Thajudeen

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In this paper, measured results for complex permittivity of some commonly used building walls under different hydration (wetness) levels are presented and a simple hybrid measurement and electromagnetic modeling approach for the estimation of power returns from targets located behind walls in various through-the-wall radar imaging (TWRI) scenarios is(More)
A novel full polarimetric beamforming algorithm for Through-the-wall imaging (TWI) is proposed in this paper. The far field layered medium Green's functions are incorporated in the beamformer for the quad-polarizations (VV, HV, VH and HH). Due to the incorporation of the layered medium Green's function, the imaging algorithm not only takes into account the(More)
A compact Ultra wideband (UWB) bistatic radar system has been developed. Lightweight, portable and low in power consumption, it uses low cost, off-the-shelf components, and is ideally suited for ranging, 3D-imaging, and wall characterization. Tests show excellent pulse width generation, resulting in very broadband transmission (0.5-5.5 GHz) and good(More)
This paper presents an overview of our recent works in real-time techniques for wall parameter estimation, intra-wall imaging, and target imaging for through-the-wall radar systems. First, the suitability and performances of various monostatic and bistatic radar-based techniques for parameter estimation of external and/or internal walls are discussed. Then(More)
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