Christopher Tate Beasley

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The addition of synchrophasors such as phasor measurement units (PMUs) to the existing power grid will enhance real-time monitoring and analysis of the grid. The PMU collects bus voltage, line current, and frequency measurements and uses the communication network to send the measurements to the respective substation(s)/control center(s). Since this approach(More)
Smart grid technologies such as synchrophasors using Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), make real-time monitoring, control and data analysis of the electric power grid possible. The PMU network measures voltage and current phasors across the electrical power grid, and sends `reports' to control centers. Synchrophasor technology enables reliable and efficient(More)
Botnets are groups of compromised computers that botmasters (botherders) use to launch attacks over the Internet. To avoid detection, botnets use DNS fast flux to change the mapping between IP addresses and domain names periodically. Domain generation algorithms (DGAs) are employed to generate a large number of domain names. Detection techniques have been(More)
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