Christopher T. Weaver

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Single-event upsets from particle strikes have become akey challenge in microprocessor design. Techniques todeal with these transient faults exist, but come at a cost.Designers clearly require accurate estimates of processorerror rates to make appropriate cost/reliability trade-offs.This paper describes a method for generating theseestimates.A key aspect of(More)
Transient faults due to neutron and alpha particle strikes posea significant obstacle to increasing processor transistor counts infuture technologies. Although fault rates of individual transistorsmay not rise significantly, incorporating more transistors into adevice makes that device more likely to encounter a fault. Hence,maintaining processor error(More)
<i>The growth of the Internet as a vehicle for secure communication and electronic commerce has brought cryptographic processing performance to the forefront of high throughput system design. This trend will be further underscored with the widespread adoption of secure protocols such as secure IP (IPSEC) and virtual private networks (VPNs).</i> <i>In this(More)
The use of simulation is well established in academic and industry research as a means of evaluating architecture trade-offs. The large code base, complex architectural models, and numerous configurations of these simulators can consternate those just learning computer architecture. Even those experienced with computer architecture, may have trouble(More)