Christopher T. Rankin

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Monoclonal antibodies (mAb) are widely used in the treatment of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and autoimmune diseases. Although the mechanism of action in vivo is not always known, the therapeutic activity of several approved mAbs depends on the binding of the Fcgamma regions to low-affinity Fcgamma receptors (FcgammaR) expressed on effector cells. We did(More)
Human CD32B (FcgammaRIIB), the low-affinity inhibitory receptor for IgG, is the predominant Fc receptor (FcR) present on B cells. Immunohistochemical and expression studies have identified CD32B expression in a variety of B-cell malignancies, suggesting that CD32B is a potential immunotherapeutic target for B-cell malignancies. A high-affinity monoclonal(More)
In order to further investigate sequences that are responsible for low-frequency recombination in plant mitochondrial DNAs and RNA editing in radish mitochondria, thenad3/rps12 locus has been isolated and characterized from a normal cultivar of radish and the male-sterile Ogura cytoplasm. A repeated sequence that has been implicated in other radish(More)
The re-isolation of trace anlOunts of virus added to tissue hOInogenates has been taken as a Inodel probleIll in the developIllent of high-resolution Illethods for separating particles. FroIll a review of data on these particles, it was found that, when sediIllentation rates are plotted against their banding or buoyant densities, IllOst viI'uses fall in a(More)