Christopher T Begeny

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OBJECTIVE To identify the components of the neuroticism trait most responsible for its association with cognitive decline and dementia in old age. DESIGN Longitudinal clinical-pathologic cohort study. SETTING Chicago metropolitan area. PARTICIPANTS A total of 785 older persons without dementia completed standard self-report measures of six components(More)
Existing evidence suggests that psychosocial stress is associated with cognitive impairment in older adults. Perceived discrimination is a persistent stressor in African Americans that has been associated with several adverse mental and physical health outcomes. To our knowledge, the association of discrimination with cognition in older African Americans(More)
This study addressed the hypothesis that late life cognitive decline leads to loss of well-being. Participants are older persons from the Rush Memory and Aging Project. Beginning in 2001, they underwent annual clinical evaluations that included detailed cognitive performance testing and a 10-item self-report measure of purpose in life, an aspect of(More)
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