Christopher T Andersen

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Permeable pavements and similar stormwater control devices have not been exploited in the UK, in part because their adoption has been hindered by a lack of detailed knowledge of their hydrological performance. This paper describes a research programme that produced detailed information on the hydrological behaviour of a car park surface. The study involved(More)
BACKGROUND Growing evidence suggests that maternal prepregnancy weight and gestational weight gain are risk factors for perinatal complications and subsequent maternal and child health. Postpartum weight retention is also associated with adverse birth outcomes and maternal obesity. Clinical guidelines addressing healthy weight before, during, and after(More)
Early childhood development programmes vary in coordination and quality, with inadequate and inequitable access, especially for children younger than 3 years. New estimates, based on proxy measures of stunting and poverty, indicate that 250 million children (43%) younger than 5 years in low-income and middle-income countries are at risk of not reaching(More)
BACKGROUND It is unclear what effects a conditional cash transfer (CCT) program would have on child anthropometry, language development, or school achievement in the context of the nutrition transition experienced by many low- and middle-income countries. OBJECTIVE We estimated the association of participation in Peru's Juntos CCT with anthropometry,(More)
BACKGROUND Effects of early-life stunting on adiposity development later in childhood are not well understood, specifically with respect to age in the onset of overweight and obesity. OBJECTIVES We analyzed associations of infant stunting with prevalence of, incidence of, and reversion from high body mass index-for-age z score (BMIZ) later in life. We(More)
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