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The Empire of the Self: Self-Command and Political Speech in Seneca and Petronius
In "The Empire of the Self", Christopher Star studies the question of how political reality affects the concepts of body, soul, and self. Star argues that during the early Roman Empire theExpand
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Commanding Constantia in Senecan Tragedy
This paper investigates the language of self-address in Seneca's tragedies. I show that the rhetorical language Seneca's characters direct at themselves constitutes a key similarity to the techniquesExpand
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Roman Tragedy and Philosophy
The study of tragedy and philosophy in the Roman world presents several difficulties. For many today, the great philosophical thinkers and dramatists of the antiquity were Greek. The modernExpand
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The Empire of the Self
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G. STALEY, SENECA AND THE IDEA OF TRAGEDY . Oxford/New York: Oxford University Press, 2010. Pp. xiii + 185, illus. isbn 9780195387438. £45.00.
similarity is not a chance coincidence and that the parallel is an intentional device in the service of some artistic or representational strategy, including the question whether the author couldExpand
3 Seneca Tragicus and Stoicism
In Brill's Companion to the Reception of Senecan Tragedy, Dodson-Robinson incorporates interdisciplinary essays tracing how Western writers from antiquity to the present have transformed SenecanExpand
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This book develops a new area of focus for the study of Senecan philosophy and for Stoicism more generally. As G. notes, the family is not an area that has received much attention from aExpand