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Agnes Moses2
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2Agnes Moses
1Sachiko Miyahara
1Taha Taha
1Tania Brum
1Sheela Godbole
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BACKGROUND Breast cancer burden is high in low-income countries. Inadequate early detection contributes to late diagnosis and increased mortality. We describe the training program for Malawi's first clinical breast exam (CBE) screening effort. METHODS Laywomen were recruited as Breast Health Workers (BHWs) with the help of local staff and breast cancer(More)
There remains a pressing need for a stability metric that can reliably identify fall susceptibility during walking, enabling more effective gait rehabilitation for reduced fall incidence. One available metric is the maximum margin of stability (MOS(max)), which is calculated using the body's center of mass (COM) position and velocity along with the location(More)
BACKGROUND Cell based therapies are required now to meet the critical care needs of paediatrics and healthy ageing in an increasingly long-lived human population. Repair of compromised tissue by supporting autologous regeneration is a life changing objective uniting the fields of medical science and engineering. Adipose stem cells (adSCs) are a compelling(More)
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