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In this Article we report on the second installment in a planned series of experiments designed to determine whether transactions in intellectual property are subject to the valuation anomaly commonly referred to as the " endowment effect. " In previous work, 1 we conducted experiments that demonstrated a substantial valuation asymmetry between authors of(More)
Myriad reasons can be proffered for undertaking a copyright reform project. For one thing, the current U.S. copyright law is way too long, now weighing at approximately two hundred pages long. 1 The statute is also far too complex, incomprehensible to a significant degree, and imbalanced in important ways. 2 It lacks, moreover, normative heft. That is, the(More)
Despite considerable research suggesting that creators value attribution – that is, being named as the creator of a work – U.S. intellectual property (IP) law does not provide a right to attribution to the vast majority of creators. On the other side of the Atlantic, however, many European countries give creators, at least in their copyright laws, much(More)
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