Christopher Sobel

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A simple method for the determination of total and esterified cholesterol is described. Serum lipids are extracted into a solvent mixture and aliquots of the extract are analyzed directly for free and total cholesterol by the Zlatkis reaction. Esterified cholesterol is calculated by difference. Free cholesterol is determined under conditions of temperature(More)
A simple and reliable method has been developed for the analysis of serum proteins. Globulins are precipitated from serum with HCI-ethanol. The albumin remains in the supernatant fluid. The albumin fraction is then precipitated by alcoholic sodium acetate. The proteins are redissolved and determined colorimetrically following their reaction with the biuret(More)
Currently, there are no data that govern the number of procedures that are necessary to promote competence during emergency medicine (EM) training. Nonetheless, the Residency Review Committee requires each program to report the average number of procedures and resuscitations performed by its residents. For 7 years, we have used a computer database to track(More)
N SPITE OF A RATHER VOLUMINOUS LITERATURE On lipolytic enzymes over the past 50 years there appears to be a widespread misunderstanding about the determination of “lipase” in serum as a diagnostic test for acute pancreatitis. The use of olive oil as a substrate for measuring lipolytic activity can be traced back into the nineteenth century. The extent of(More)
Coproporphyrin and uroporphyrin are separated from urineand from each other by absorption onto, and Selective elution from, an anion-exchange resin. The two compounds are #{233}eparated by using solvents differing in both polarity and pH. The porphyrins are then quantitated with an Aminco-Bowman Spectrophotofluorometer equipped with an ellipsoidal mirror(More)