Christopher Shields

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Recent reports of art increased prevalence of dental fluoro-sis in fluoridated and nonfluoridated communities have led to a reassessment of the amount offluoride (F) being ingested infants and young children. Manufacturers of milk-based formulas have taken steps to reduce the F concentration to negligible levels. Reduction of F concentration in soy-based(More)
On the face of it, Plato's dialogue the Cratylus has a clear and narrowly linguistic subject matter, specifically, the debate between conventionalism and naturalism in the theory of meaning. But why should this topic be of sufficient interest to Plato to warrant an entire dialogue? What philosophically was at stake for him in these seemingly recherché(More)
The Christian doctrine of the Incarnation tells us that the Son of God, the second person of the Trinity, became incarnate as a first-century man, Jesus of Nazareth. According to the doctrine, the Son took on a human nature while at the same time retaining his divine nature. Thus, he became a two-natured individual. He also acquired distinctively human(More)
INTRODUCTION Accidents and assaults (homicides) are the leading causes of death among the youth of the United States, accounting for 53.3% of deaths among children aged 1 to19 years. Victim recidivism, defined as repeated visits to the emergency department (ED) as a victim of violent trauma, is a significantly growing public health problem. As 5-year(More)
abstract: Reflection on the history of skepticism shows that philosophers have often conjoined as a single doctrine various theses that are best kept apart. Some of these theses are incredible—literally almost impossible to accept—whereas others seem quite plausible and even verge on the platitudinous. Mixing them together, one arrives at a(More)
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