Christopher Shelly

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It has been hypothesized that the right hemisphere ages more rapidly than the left, but there have been no direct empirical studies aimed at confirmation of that hypothesis. Within the framework of a cross-sectional design, 1,247 subjects, divided into six age groups (20's-70's), were tested with a modified Halstead-Reitan battery. The test scores were(More)
Data were obtained from 41 survivors of imprisonment by the Japanese during World War II. Interview data suggested that these individuals, despite the 40 years that had passed since their prisoner of war experiences, showed manifestations of posttraumatic stress disorder, notably a sleep disturbance marked by recurrent nightmares. MMPI data suggested(More)
A dichotic listening test was administered to a group of 49 psychiatric patients with mild diffuse brain damage and a group of 89 without. Despite the lack of difference between the groups on Verbal IQ, the performance of the brain-damaged group was significantly inferior to that of the non-brain-damaged group on a number of measures of error. The most(More)
Adolescent sons of alcoholics and nonalcoholics were compared on a battery of intellectual, neuropsychological, personality, and behavioral measures. The former group demonstrated certain neuropsychological deficits in perceptual-motor ability, memory, and language processing. They also had auditory and visual attentional impairments and a lower level of(More)
An investigation was made of whether black alcoholics have a different response to having withdrawal seizures than white alcoholics, in terms of cognitive and other neuropsychological deficits. In a previous study it was found that white alcoholics with histories of withdrawal seizures did not demonstrate neuropsychological differences from white alcoholic(More)