Christopher Sebastiano

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Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and mesenchymal-to-epithelial transition are biologic processes responsible for conversion of epithelial cells into a mesenchymal phenotype or viceversa, respectively. They occur during embryo- and foetal-development and, in adult organisms, are involved in wound healing, in the genesis and progression of organ fibrosis(More)
This review focuses on recent experimental and modeling studies that attempt to define the physiological context in which high linear energy transfer (LET) radiation increases epithelial cancer risk and the efficiency with which it does so. Radiation carcinogenesis is a two-compartment problem: ionizing radiation can alter genomic sequence as a result of(More)
Densely ionizing radiation, which is present in the space radiation environment and used in radiation oncology, has potentially greater carcinogenic effect compared with sparsely ionizing radiation that is prevalent on earth. Here, we used a radiation chimera in which mice were exposed to densely ionizing 350 MeV/amu Si-particles, γ-radiation, or(More)
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