Christopher Schulze

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The Na(+)/H(+) exchange (NHE) inhibitor cariporide is known to ameliorate ischaemia/reperfusion (I/R) injury by reduction of cytosolic Ca(2+) overload. Leukocyte activation and infiltration also mediates I/R injury but whether cariporide reduces I/R injury by affecting leukocyte activation is unknown. We studied the effect of(More)
Location and structure of sensory nerve endings in the periodontium of the third premolar in Monodelphis domestica have been investigated by means of light and electron microscopy. The periodontal cleft of the tooth is apically enlarged. The number of nerve endings increases towards apex. Three types of sensory nerve endings have been observed: free nerve(More)
It has been reported that certain N alpha-carboxyacyl analogues of CCK-8 and of CCK-7 with a substituted Gly in position 3 or 4 of the peptide possess higher potencies at stimulating pancreatic enzyme secretion than at stimulating gallbladder contraction, suggesting that these analogues are able to differentiate subtypes of CCKA receptors. However, no(More)
The location and structure of sensory nerve endings was examined in the mucosa and in the gingiva propria adjacent to the third premolar of Monodelphis domestica by light and electron microscopy. The mucous membrane of the gingiva propria is covered with a stratified keratinized squamous epithelium. The mucous membrane of the adjacent inner aspect of the(More)
The increase of wireless devices due to the implementation of wireless sensor networks, cyber-physical systems with wireless communication interfaces and mobile monitoring as well as the installation of diagnosis applications into the shop floor improves real-time transparency of machine conditions and production processes. For a minimal invasive(More)
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