Christopher Schmandt

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An interactive stereoscopic computer graphic workspace is described. A conventional frame store is used for three-dimensional display, with left/right eye views interlaced in video and viewed through PLZT shutter glasses. The video monitor is seen reflected from a half silvered mirror which projects the graphics into a workspace, into which one can reach(More)
In recent decades, families in the Western world have become more geographically distributed, making it more difficult for family members to achieve and maintain a feeling of connectedness. Different time zones and contexts and a limited awareness of the other family members' availability and mood are some of many factors that make "being together" more(More)
Mobile communication has become a significant part of everyday life. The advent of mobile phones and PDA's has reinforced the necessity for people to be connected without being physically tied down. Communication is key, but current modalities are restricted to simple protocols such as telephony, and less expressive mediums such as text messaging.(More)
The Back Seat Driver is an automobile navigation aid which uses synthetic speech to give driving instructions in real time to the driver of a car. The advantage of speech over visual aids is that it leaves the driver's eyes free for driving, however it also poses special problems. This paper describes the strategies employed by the Back Seat Driver to(More)
The NewsComm system delivers personally selected audio information to mobile users through a hand-held audio playback device. The system provides a one-to-one connection from individual users to information providers so that users can access information on demand with breadth and depth unattainable through traditional media. Filtering mechanisms help the(More)
Nomadic Radio provides an audio-only wearable interface to unify remote information services such as email, voice mail, hourly news broadcasts, and personal calendar events. These messages are automatically downloaded to a wearable device throughout the day and users can browse them using speech recognition and tactile input. To provide an unobtrusive(More)
In this thesis we propose the architecture of a modular system that allows closely related people, such as relatives and friends, to maintain awareness of a distant site, such as home, through auditory cues and eavesdropping. While people are at work or traveling, they often want to have some degree of awarereness about activities related to family members'(More)