Christopher Schmandt

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An interactive stereoscopic computer graphic workspace is described. A conventional frame store is used for three-dimensional display, with left/right eye views interlaced in video and viewed through PLZT shutter glasses. The video monitor is seen reflected from a half silvered mirror which projects the graphics into a workspace, into which one can reach(More)
The emergence of digital music on the Internet requires new information retrieval methods adapted to specific characteristics and needs. While music retrieval based on the text information, such as title, composers, or subject classification, has been implemented in many existing systems, retrieval of a piece of music based on musical content, especially an(More)
Listening to a speech recording is much more difficult than visually scanning a document because of the transient and temporal nature of audio. Audio recordings capture the richness of speech, yet it is difficult to directly browse the stored information. This dissertation investigates techniques for structuring, filtering, and presenting recorded speech,(More)
The NewsComm system delivers personally selected audio information to mobile users through a hand-held audio playback device. The system provides a one-to-one connection from individual users to information providers so that users can access information on demand with breadth and depth unattainable through traditional media. Filtering mechanisms help the(More)
Nomadic Radio provides an audio-only wearable interface to unify remote information services such as email, voice mail, hourly news broadcasts, and personal calendar events. These messages are automatically downloaded to a wearable device throughout the day and users can browse them using speech recognition and tactile input. To provide an unobtrusive(More)