Christopher S Lassiter

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Estrogenic steroid hormones mediate complex actions important in both embryonic and adult life. The hormones signal through ligand-inducible transcription factors known as estrogen receptors (ERs). In this study, we have isolated a zebrafish estrogen receptor with homology to human estrogen receptor beta (ERbeta). This zebrafish ERbeta (ERbetaa) has a(More)
Estradiol is produced from testosterone by the aromatase gene, cyp19. In the zebrafish Danio rerio, brain aromatase, cyp19a1b, is highly expressed during development. We report the developmental expression pattern of cyp19a1b using whole mount in situ hybridization and describe hormonal effects on the gene using RT-PCR. Expression is up-regulated between 24(More)
Steroid hormones regulate gene expression in organisms by binding to receptor proteins. These hormones include the androgens, which signal through androgen receptors (ARs). Endocrine disrupters (EDCs) are chemicals in the environment that adversely affect organisms by binding to nuclear receptors, including ARs. Vinclozolin, a fungicide used on fruit and(More)
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