Christopher S. Hall

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OBJECTIVE As are the attenuation coefficient and sound speed, the backscatter coefficient is a fundamental ultrasonic property that has been used to characterize many tissues. Unfortunately, there is currently far less standardization for the ultrasonic backscatter measurement than for the other two, as evidenced by a previous American Institute of(More)
In this study, the sensitivity of a novel fibrin-targeted contrast agent for fibrin detection was defined in vitro on human thrombus. The contrast agent was a lipid-encapsulated perfluorocarbon nanoparticle with numerous Gd-DTPA complexes incorporated into the outer surface. After binding to fibrin clots, scanning electron microscopy of treated clots(More)
The remaining 1 is from Japan and assigned to ST28 (8). Unlike in previous reports, 80% of the human clinical isolates (16 isolates) characterized in this study were assigned to the ST27 complex. Although previous studies suggested that members of the ST27 complex may have lower potential to cause invasive diseases in swine (7), all the isolates were(More)
From existing databases, we compiled and evaluated 604 total mercury (Hg) levels in the eggs and blood of 17 species of marine foraging birds from 35 Gulf of Maine islands to provide baseline data and to determine the best tissue, age class, and species for future biomonitoring. While mean Hg levels in most species did not exceed adverse effects thresholds,(More)
Ultrasound-mediated delivery (USMD) is an active research topic, as researchers develop applications for therapeutic ultrasound in addition to thermal ablation. In USMD, ultrasound is used in conjunction with microbubbles and drugs, nanoparticles, siRNA, pDNA, stem cells, etc., to facilitate their cellular delivery and uptake using pressure and(More)
The increasing uptake of information technology in the healthcare domain has resulted in a large volume of digital health data being generated on a regular basis. Most of the health information systems exchange information using HL7 messages making HL7 a good source for data collection. Despite the large volume of data that is generated within the treatment(More)
Thermal therapies such as radio frequency, heated saline, and high-intensity focused ultrasound ablations are often performed sub-optimally due to the inability to monitor the spatial and temporal distribution of delivered heat and the extent of the necrotic tissue. Ultrasound imaging can be used to measure the deposition of heat through local thermally(More)
Photoelectron spectra of (HF)(3)(-) reveal coexistence of two anionic isomers with vertical electron detachment energies (VDE) of 0.24 and 0.43 eV. The results of electronic-structure calculations, performed at the coupled cluster level of theory with single, double, and noniterative triple excitations, suggest that the two isomers observed experimentally(More)
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