Christopher Ruff

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The Homo habilis OH 62 partial skeleton has played an important, although controversial role in interpretations of early Homo locomotor behavior. Past interpretive problems stemmed from uncertain bone length estimates and comparisons using external bone breadth proportions, which do not clearly distinguish between modern humans and apes. Here, true(More)
"Wolff's law" is a concept that has sometimes been misrepresented, and frequently misunderstood, in the anthropological literature. Although it was originally formulated in a strict mathematical sense that has since been discredited, the more general concept of "bone functional adaptation" to mechanical loading (a designation that should probably replace(More)
This article describes requirements and challenges of cross-platform multi-touch software engineering, and presents the open source framework Multi-Touch for Java (MT4j) as a solution. MT4j is designed for rapid development of graphically rich applications on a variety of contemporary hardware, from common PCs and notebooks to large-scale ambient displays,(More)
High energy costs have led to an increasing relevance of energy-efficiency over the last few years. While new equipment is mostly designed to be energy-efficient, feasible action is needed to decrease energy consumption of existing equipment on the shop-floor level. As interventions there rely on dependable information and its use at the right time and(More)
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