Christopher Riley

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No other disease entity has provided greater impetus for the development of the concept of "molecular morphology" than Hodgkin lymphoma. Efforts to understand the etiology of this enigmatic disease have stimulated the application and refinement of almost every mode of biomedical scientific exploration. Notwithstanding the vast amount of data generated, much(More)
Cotton fiber elongation (extensibility, elongation at breaking load) is one of the least utilized measurements from the high volume instrument (HVI). This may be due, in part, to the large standard deviation of this HVI measurement. In addition, the correlation of fiber elongation with yarn elongation is not as high as the physical theory of yarn strength(More)
Lung injury in preterm neonates with respiratory failure has been attributed to persistent inflammation, which is likely to involve lung macrophages (LM). The study objective was to investigate LM during the first 8 d of life from preterm infants (n = 19), using term infants (n = 11) with respiratory failure as control subjects. LM percentages from(More)
The computational science community is reluctant to write large-scale computationally-intensive applications in Java due to concerns over Java's poor performance, despite the claimed software engineering advantages of its object-oriented features. Naive Java implementations of numerical algorithms can perform poorly compared to corresponding Fortran or C(More)
This paper examines the current legal treatment of software innovation. It argues that recent judicial standards for the regulation of software innovation do not adequately protect innovation. It presents an original standard for the regulation of software innovation, one intended to guide judicial decisions in contributory copyright liability, in(More)