Christopher Riggs

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A novel technique for determining the collagen fibre orientation pattern of cross-sections of cortical bone was used to study mid-diaphyseal sections from the equine radius. Several in vivo strain gauge studies have demonstrated that this bone is loaded in bending during locomotion in such a way that the cranial cortex is consistently subjected to(More)
Bone exhibits positive form birefringence dominated by and dependent upon the orientation of its collagen. The biomechanical efficacy of bone as a tissue is largely determined by collagen fibers of preferred orientation and distribution (and corresponding orientation of mineral crystallites), and evidence is accumulating to demonstrate that this efficacy(More)
Collagen orientation maps were determined for the long bones of the upper forelimb (humerus, ulna, radius) using previously described techniques. All three bones had characteristic, non-random patterns of collagen fibre orientation. In the humerus, transverse collagen predominated in the medial and posterior cortices proximally and in the anterior and(More)
REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Palmar/plantar osteochondral disease (POD) is a common, debilitating condition in Thoroughbred racehorses; however, training- and racing-related factors associated with this disease are unknown. OBJECTIVES To determine horse-, racing- and training-related risk factors for POD. The general hypotheses were that early training(More)
Arthropathy of the distal articular surfaces of the third metacarpal (Mc3) and metatarsal (Mt3) bones in the Thoroughbred racehorse (Tb) is a natural model of repetitive overload arthrosis. We describe a novel pathology that affects the articular calcified cartilage (ACC) and subchondral bone (SCB) and which is associated with hyaline articular cartilage(More)
Voxel-based morphometry (VBM) is a computational technique that has been used to analyze statistical differences between groups of MR brain images. This study outlines a new VBM pipeline, designed for determining statistical variation in bone mineral density (BMD). CT images of proximal sesamoid bone (PSB) specimens from the right forelimb of six racehorses(More)
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