Christopher Reason

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Testing and evaluating new architectural propositions is a challenge. Given the usual variety of technologies and scales involved in the necessary evaluation, a one-size-fits-all approach does hardly suffice. Instead, a collection of evaluation and experimentation methods must be chosen for a comprehensive testing of the proposed solutions. This paper(More)
The Agulhas Current (AC) is the strongest western boundary current in the Southern Hemisphere and is key for weather and climate patterns, both regionally and globally. Its heat transfer into both the midlatitude South Indian Ocean and South Atlantic is of global significance. A new composite coral record (Ifaty and Tulear massive Porites corals), is linked(More)
Generalized stability theory is applied to a simple dynamical model of interannual ocean–atmosphere variability in the southern midlatitudes to determine the perturbations that create the most rapid growth of energy in the system. The model is composed of a barotropic quasigeostrophic atmosphere coupled to a 1.5-layer quasigeostrophic ocean, each linearized(More)
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