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Nephrotoxic lesions were induced in Fischer 344 rats using HgCl2, a proximal tubular toxin, and 2-bromoethanamine (BEA), a medullary toxin. Biochemical effects of these toxins on urinary composition(More)
The computer-based pattern recognition procedures of nonlinear mapping and principal-component analysis have been applied to analyze 1H NMR-generated metabolic data on the biochemical effects of 15(More)
A computer-based pattern recognition (PR) approach has been applied to the classification and interrogation of 1H NMR-generated urinalysis data, in a variety of experimental toxicity states in the(More)
Conformationally restricted analogues of the antibacterial agent trimethoprim (TMP) were designed to mimic the conformation of drug observed in its complex with bacterial dihydrofolate reductase(More)