Christopher R. Volpe

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We present a new method for the visualization of 3D vector fields called the Stream polygon: a regular, n-sided polygon, oriented normal to the local vector, The polygon can represent local deformation due to rigid body rotation and both normal and shear strain. In addition, the effects of translation and scalar functions may be represented by sweeping the(More)
In this paper we present a new method for auralization of the vorticity of a streamline in a vectorj?eld. This technique involves using a composite tone formed by superimposing sine waves of various amplitudes whosefiequency and amplitude vary in such a way as to give the perception that the resulting sound increases or decreases endlessly in pitch without(More)
VISAGE is a scientific visualization system implemented in an object-oriented, message passing environment. The system includes over 500 classes ranging from visualization and graphics to Xlib and Motif user interface. Objects are created using compiled C and interact through an interpreted scripting language. The result is a flexible yet efficient system(More)
Maintenance of complex machinery such as aircraft engines requires reliable and accurate documentation, including illustrated parts catalogs (IPCs), exploded views, and technical manuals describing how to remove, inspect, repair and install parts. For new designs, there are often time constraints for getting a new engine to the field, and the available(More)
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