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IgG serum antibody was measured by ELISA in patients with Crohn's disease (15), ulcerative colitis (15), and in normal controls (15) to 12 strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker's and brewer's yeast) and to the two major serotypes of the commensal yeast Candida albicans. Antibody to 11 of the 12 strains of S cerevisiae was raised in patients with(More)
The regular consumption of a palatable bran biscuit ( Fibermed ) improved bowel function and reduced laxative requirement in an elderly population in a long-stay geriatric unit. It was also associated with a significant increase in stool weight in a group of patients with distal colostomies. Fibermed would appear to be a useful dietary supplement for(More)
Catheter occlusion by lipid material has been associated with the use of lipid containing "all-in-one" compounded solutions during prolonged parenteral nutrition. Previous experience indicated that urokinase is ineffective in clearing such occlusions. We report five patients who developed catheter occlusion with lipid mixes; catheter patency was restored in(More)
The effect of dietary yeast on the activity of stable Crohn's disease was assessed in 19 patients. During the 1st month patients continued their usual diet (base-line period), but during the next 2 months dietary yeast was excluded except that during 1 month patients took baker's yeast capsules while for the other month they took placebo capsules. The(More)
Two patients who were receiving home parenteral nutrition complained of vague neurological symptoms of such severity that they underwent full clinical appraisal. The only positive finding was that plasma manganese concentrations were greater than twice the upper 95% confidence interval of normal (7-27|nmol/l). In the light of this result all nine patients(More)