Christopher R. Mitchell

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Natural orifice endoscopic surgery can enable incisionless approaches, but a major challenge is the lack of small and dexterous instrumentation. Surgical robots have the potential to meet this need yet often disrupt the clinical workflow. Hand-held robots that combine thin manipulators and endoscopes have the potential to address this by integrating(More)
INTRODUCTION Transurethral laser surgery using a flexible multi-backbone robot was recently demonstrated by Simaan et al. for bladder resection [1]. For transurethral prostate resection, thinner flexible manipulators are desirable. We have developed a hand-held system that transurethrally deploys two concentric tube robots through an 8.3 mm diameter rigid(More)
Concentric tube manipulators have the diameter of needles and are consequently amenable to delivery into the human body through small ports in an endo-scope. When this is done, the surgeon must manipulate both the endoscope and one or more concentric tube robots simultaneously. In this paper we explore a hand-held approach to this user interface challenge,(More)
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